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   Estoppel Certificates
Amberlea HOA Estoppel Certificates

What is an Estoppel Certificate?

  • An Estoppel Certificate issued by the Amberlea HOA (AHOA) simply states the amount of money owed by a property owner to the HOA upon the date the certificate is issued. In the AHOA this amount is typically zero if dues are up to date. The AHOA completes a form stating the amount owed. For additional details you can read the FL Statue 720.30851

Who can request an Estoppel Certificate?

  • FL Statute 720.30851 states: “Estoppel certificates.—Within 10 business days after receiving a written or electronic request for an estoppel certificate from a parcel owner or the parcel owner’s designee, or a parcel mortgagee or the parcel mortgagee’s designee, the association shall issue the estoppel certificate.” The key words are owner, mortgagee, and designee. Typically we receive requests from Title Companies handling a property transaction for the owner.

How can I request an Estoppel Certificate from AHOA?

  • Send an email to the AHOA Treasurer at: Amberlea.Info@gmail.com
  • The subject shall state “Estoppel Request, [parcel street address]
  • The email body must include the requester’s name and who they represent (typically the owner), contact information, address and plot info of the parcel in question and the name of the seller. If the requester is representing the mortgage company then so state in the request. Including an email address and phone number are highly advised. We like to answer by email quickly so you know we have the request and are working on it for you. When complete we like to email it as an attached “pdf” file.

Requester checklist:

  1. Email to: Amberlea.Info@gmail.com
  2. Subject: “Estoppel Request, [parcel street address]”
  3. Body: Requester’s name, email if different from sender, phone#, who represented (owner?), address and plot info of the parcel in question and the name of the seller

What are the AHOA Estoppel Certificate Fees?

  • As of August 2018 the AHOA charges a preparation fee of $250 (waived if dues are up to date). A delinquent fee of $150 and an expedite fee of $100, if applicable, IAW FL Statute 720.30851

Caution: By law the AHOA has 10 days to respond to a valid request with a estoppel certificate. If the closing date is less than 10 days from receipt, a requestor may ask for a RUSH and/or EXPEDITED response. If the AHOA returns the certificate within 3 days, an expedite fee will be charged.

Revised: 10.12.2019

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